Explore the set of features of the automation through which you can improve how your company function and which enable you to deploy and manage the automations easily and efficiently.

Automation Interfaces


Desktop Automation

Desktop automation has 100 skills+ (Functionalities) that allow you to automate desktop applications and interfaces through locator elements or UI recognition.


Web Automation

200+ Web automation skills enabling you to automate web based applications and systems through identifying the elements by their attributes.


Advanced Automation

Advance automation package uses computer vision functionalities that enable you to recognize and automate interfaces which lack interaction attributes.


Citrix Automation

Autosphere computer vision skills and citrix extension allows you to automate any application in your citrix virtual environment.


Mainframe Automation

Automation libraries and integration connectors for known mainframe systems such as AS400,3270,T3700 and many more.

App-Specific Automation


AWS Automation

Autosphere packages for automating AWS S2 and EC2 operations such as managing objects, buckets and instances.


Azure Automation

Package for automating essential azure operations such as managing resource groups, blob,virtual machines, tables and storage accounts.


SharePoint Automation

Automation package for Automating operations for managing users permissions, files list items and more


NetSuite Automation

Automation skills for Oracle Netsuite allowing you to automate operations for managing and performing bulk operations on records, folder and files.


SAP Automation

Autosphere SAP Auomation package provides you with 50+ skills to automate SAP applications such as SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ECC SAP CRM and others


Oracle Automation

Integration connector for oracle database allowing you to automate query operations.


Excel Automation

Autosphere Provides automation 50+ Automation skills to perform operations on excel files in headless mode.


Microsoft 365 Automation

Automate activities on Microsoft office 365 through our integration with Microsoft Graph allowing you to manage all applications within office 365 suite.


PDF Automation

Autosphere Provides 30+ PDF skillls to manage operations on PDF such as extracting text, add watermarks to pages, and decrypt/encrypt documents.


Java Automation

Automate java applets within oracle applications suchs as EBS through our native integration with Access Bridge


Slack Automation

100+ autosphere skills to automate email operations including interfacing to protocols such IMAP / SMTP and also applications including outlook.


Siebel Open UI Automation

our sieble open UI package allows you to automate operations on fields, tables and dialogs within the Siebel Open UI environment


Salesforce Automation

Autosphere provides capability to automate and manage connections, manage files and perform bulk operations on standard and custom sales force objects.


Maximo Automation

Autosphere provides skills to automate operations on fields, tables, files and asset objects within IBM Maximo application.


IPPBX Automation

Packages for multiple supported SIP communication platforms enable you to automate SIP calls and manage different functions IP PBX.


IVR Automation

Support for IVR integration support allows the Autosphere bots to perform actions based relavant selections.


NMS Automation

Autosphere provides Integration and automations multiple network and cloud monitoring services/solution including as datadog, dynatrace,sumo logic, splunk etc.


Telnet Automation

20+ skills that allows you to automate operations including connections, read and write, configurations, prompts and more.


Nokia OSS Automation

Automation support for automating Nokia service and network inventory management patforms


Ericsson BSS Automation

Support for automating operations on CRM, Mediation,billing and charging and more.

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