Transforming the Financial Services Industry with Autosphere


Automation of User management on AS400 mainframe for banks


Many banks manually handle user management process including user creation, updation, deletion and password reset on a mainframe core banking application.


Autosphere bots can automate the entire user management process on AS400 mainframe system.


Mainframe systems do not support integrations with modern systems Autosphere can able to achieve AS400 system automation.

Automating Daily Clearing & Reconciliation Process


Banks are required to performed daily clearing report and run net off procedure tasks on daily basis.

This process involved Verification and Consolidation of payment data performed for ATM’, IBFT POS, Bills of banks.

Local banks report extractions and reporting to State bank and Member bank.


Autosphere automated the entire daily settlement and clearing process through Autosphere bots freeing up bandwidth of human resources engaged on the process


AHT of a 6 hour process will be reduced to approximately 10 minutes

5 dedicated FTE’s freed from this process

Autosphere's Potential automation for Financial Services and Banking



Application processing

  • KYC and other checks
  • Credit Scoring

Account Opening Acount Closure

Automated Interfaces - Both internal and external.

Automated underwriting process - Credit scoring, risk assessment, terms and conditions assessment.

Document Management - Physical application, Signature capture & storing.

Workflow Management -Exceptions handling & initiating fulfilment.

  • OCR/Structured forms
  • AI, ML, NLP, NLG
  • RPA

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